Glassfer has always supported the development of innovative architecture, favoring the aesthetic and functional cities evolution.
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Examples of applications where Glassfer technology has been used.


Piramide Louvre

Parigi, 1988

One of the most characterizing and historically important projects in which Glassfer technologies have been used to achieve a result with perfect geometries. In particular, the project was aimed at the construction of the underground pyramid, from a technical point of view much more complex than the upper one due to the lack of structural profiles. A result that has allowed Glassfer to build an international reputation.


HSBC Tower

Londra, 2001

The skyscraper, also known as HSBC Tower and located in central London, was clad with a specific Glassfer product, made using the Glassfer Serigraph color white and red technique, applied to the entire external facade of the building.


Shiodome Tower

Tokyo, 2002

Glassfer technology supported the design of the windows that cover the external surface of the 172.6 m high Shiodome Media Tower skyscraper located in the Tokyo center, Japan.



Barcellona, 2004

Realization of reflective glass that covers the entire structure with an "arrugado" effect, an effect that recalls the Antoni Gaudí style, whose architecture characterizes the skyline of the city, returning a distorted image of the buildings that are reflected on the windows.


Heathrow Airport

Londra, 2007

Realization of internal partitions and external facade for London-Heathrow Airport, the busiest airport in Europe and the seventh in the world for transit passengers. The technology designed uses Glassfer Security crystals with anti-deflagration performance and Glassfer Serigraph white lacquering.


Ponte della Costituzione

Venezia, 2008

Creation of anti-slip and fall-prevention steps, using Glassfer Security technology, for "Il ponte della Costituzione" in Venice. The bridge, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is the fourth pedestrian bridge over the Grand Canal and connects the historic center to the railway station area, one of the busiest areas of the city.


Rockheim museum

Norvegia, 2009

Example of realization with digital printing technique. Rockheim, the Norwegian national museum of rock and pop music, stands on an old renovated factory with a huge roof made up of hundreds of glass plates digitally printed with Norwegian music album covers.


Unicredit Tower

Milano, 2009/2010

Glassfer technology supported the realization of mirrored glass coverings of the Unicredit Tower in Milan, the tallest skyscraper in Italy characterized by a postmodern style, which soon became one of the symbols of the Milan skyline.


Saint-George Center

Ginevra, 2012

The Saint-Georges Center, which is located near the center of Geneva, is a recently renovated historic building from the early 1960s. The façade, created with Glassfer Serigraph, shows a range of reddish tones that flow into grays that integrate perfectly with the color found in the immediate city context.


Corinthians Stadium

San Paolo, 2013

The Corinthians Stadium was built in Sao Paulo on the occasion of the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup. In this project Glassfer has supplied more than 5000 square meters of Glassfer Security crystal embellished with the Glassfer Serigraph technique, able to create a continuous and homogeneous nuance from the center of the building up to the outer sides.

Interior and Contract

Doha Airport

Qatar, 2013/2014

In collaboration with the Citterio & Viel architecture firm of Milan, we created all the Vip Lounges of the Doha airport in Qatar: crystals ranging from partitions made with Glassfer Security to real works of art finished by hand or with more advanced techniques such as Glassfer Draw and Serigraph.


Carba center

Svizzera, 2014

The Carba Center is an urban development area in the town of Liebefeld in Switzerland conceived as a mixed architecture intended for work, services and housing. The façade, made with 8 mm single-color Glassfer Serigraph, is characterized by an essential style with few elements well harmonized with each other and has been designed to produce an effect of slight movement in the observer.


Harlem Hospital Center

New York, 2014

Example of realization with digital printing technique. The facade of the Harlem hospital building, made up of 429 digitally printed glass panels, faithfully replicates the colors and style of the Harlem culture of the 1930s.


Suva Clinic

Svizzera, 2014

Project for CRR Sion, a Swiss advanced rehabilitation clinic, characterized by finishes on the external facades of the building made with 8 mm thick Glassfer Serigraph panels.


Education park Ezinge

Paesi Bassi, 2015

Example of realization with digital printing technique. The building, an art school in the Netherlands, has been enriched with a particular digital print made specifically to evoke the teaching of fine arts, design, music and theater.


Dous Rolex

Milano, 2015

This product is the perfect combination of resistance and aesthetics, obtained through the use of the Glassfer Mesh technique with metal insert (Mesh Iron). A 1.1 mm perforated steel sheet interposed between two 10 mm tempered glass sheets with HST treatment, all laminated with the Sentryglas anti-hurricane film.


Salesforce Tower

San Francisco, 2015/2016

Realization of reflective glasses worked with Glassfer Serigraph that cover the entire architectural structure. The skyscraper, with an overall height of 326 meters, is the tallest skyscraper in the San Francisco city and the second in California.

Interior and Contract

NY police Academy

New York, 2016

Glassfer supplied the partition walls, made using the Glassfer Security technique, for all the New York police offices.


Biennale di Venezia

Venezia, 2017

Thanks to Glassfer Security, at the 2017 Venice Biennale, the artist Anne Imhof was able to create this incredible installation. The Glassfer Security Anti-shattering product combines the transparency of the crystal and its great resistance: through the use of triple glazing with different heat treatments and Sentryglas rigid film, a resistant but at the same time invisible flooring has been obtained.

Interior and Contract

Aura Shopping Center

Roma, 2018

Construction of the parapets of the Aura Shopping Center in Rome, a commercial center in the heart of the capital. Project was created with Glassfer Security Parapets with anti-fall performance and embellished with white Glassfer Serigraph shades.

Interior and Contract

Hotel Lutetia

Parigi, 2018

For the interior design of this historic hotel in Paris, were supplied more than 500 doors worked with the Glassfer Serigraph Gold technique, assembled with matching profiles, specially tailored to the hotel characteristics and needs.