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Glassfer participated in the Biosphera project, an innovative project where technology, sustainability and efficiency are the founding themes. Biosphera Genesis, previewed at the Venice Innovation Design on the island of San Servolo, is a housing prototype of sustainable and regenerative architecture conceived by Mirko Taglietti and organized by Aktivhaus in collaboration with numerous institutions, universities and companies.

Biosphera Genesis is a passive house that produces 4 to 8 times the energy it needs and consumes. Ecological and self-sufficient, it is built with the most advanced technologies in the world and with environmentally friendly materials that respect the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM). It encompasses all the characteristics of a contemporary building compliant with environmental sustainability and represents the top of the range from an energy and performance point of view: it consumes 95% less than a traditional home and boasts the most prestigious certifications. of the sector. It is also 96% recyclable and all the systems necessary for its operation are concentrated in just two square meters.