Glassfer Mesh

The union between our refined crystal and precious materials enhances the aesthetic and structural qualities of each texture.
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Our territory

Italy is famous for its high-level craftsmanship, in particular the Como area - where we are located - is recognized for the quality and number of weaving mills.

Thus a unique combination is born, capable of conquering the most refined tastes with its elegance and refinement.

This product is ideal for internal partitions, doors, cabinet and table doors, but it can also be applied to the external facade, in elements such as canopies, fins and second skin.

With our glass-mesh lamination process we are able to guarantee the highest quality and resistance.

Private house
Interior design

Glassfer mesh - gold dunes crystal 4 + 4

Dous Rolex

Glassfer mesh iron

  • Dous Rolex

    Dous Rolex
  • Dous Rolex

    Dous Rolex
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