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Dielectric Mirror

Dielectric Mirror is a special glass with an advanced coating for TV / mirror applications.

When the TV is off, it becomes a simple mirror that integrates perfectly into the room. When the TV is on it will return surprisingly sharp images.

Dielectric Mirror gives designers the freedom to create distinctive spaces and unique visual effects.

Glassfer Vizio

The digital world is increasingly integrating into our daily life. Glassfer Vizio is a glass surface that can be opacified through retro-projection on liquid crystal to create privacy or, depending on the need, project images and videos. When turned off becomes transparent and invisible again. It is ideal for public, retail store and meeting rooms applications.


Clarity is an anti-reflective glass that offers an exceptional visual experience, it is suitable for any application where excessive light reflection interferes with the screen visibility. Clarity reduces glare from 8% to 0.7% and increases light transmission from 90% to 98%, thus creating an exceptionally sharp and distortion-free viewing experience. Applications include lobbies, shop windows, hotel lobbies, museum display cases, totem screens and monitors.

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