Painted Glass: Silk-screen printing – Glazing – Digital printing on glass.

There are two plants for screen printing. One is suitable for painting the entire glass surface. There is also a modern system for painting glass using ink jets, which makes it possible to draw photo-realistic images on glass.

At the exit of these plants there are drying ovens. Quality controls ensure the absence of defects, stains, deposits, absence of color and the relevance to the color chosen for any samples.
Silk-screen printing.
DIM MIN 250 x 350
DIM MAX 2600 x 5100
Digital Printing.
DIM MIN 250 x 350
DIM MAX 2800 x 3700
Cold printing (on glass or EVA)
Color deposit on glass or EVA sheets (to be used in laminated glass) using a polychromatic plotter with cold paints.
DIM MIN 200 x 200
DIM MAX 2500 x 3000